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ArtDimensions is currently teaching art summer camps in conjunction with the Demetrious Johnson Charitable Foundation in the City of St. Louis at 724 Union Blvd., St. Louis,MO 63108.

CALL for ARTISTS Logo Contest is to create a new logo/branding for ArtDimensions to get graphic designers, fine artists, and ametrue artists the opportunity to expand their portfolio. This contest will have a small $10 entry fee. The other half of the collected processing fees will be awarded to the 1st place winner of the logo contest. The winning artist will get recognition on the website for 12 full months for having the winning design with a link to the website of their choice (webpage, facebook, or other). Half of the funds will go towards the branding of ArtDimensions so they may continue providing programs and opportunities for children and adults to be involved with the Art Community in the St. Louis Metro area.

All participants logos will be visible on a gallery on the website with artist name for 3 months.

ArtDimensions is a participation sponsor of the Art Department for the St. Louis World’s Fare coming to Forest Park September 12-14, 2014.

Plans for 2015

Quarterly shows at the Demetrious Johnson Charitable Foundation

Student Gallery at 724 Union Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63108

ArtDTour event